If youíve failed all the traditional ways of quitting, and you want to cut back or cut it out, I want you to call Sinclair Method. If you qualify, you can take part in a totally unique way to slow down or quit drinking using the Sinclair Methodís patented proven method with an FDA approved medication and counseling. The Sinclair Method works in Europe, it works in Florida. See how it can work for you.


Take this quick TEST:

1. Are you drinking 4 to 6 ounces of alcohol on 4 or more days a week?

2. Have you tried to stop or cut down on your drinking and failed?

3. Has your spouse threatened to divorce you if you didnít stop drinking?


If only one of these answers is yes, you are abusing or dependent on alcohol.


If your drinking is causing you problems, call Sinclair Method. We are the exclusive providers of the Sinclair Method in Southwest Florida. The Sinclair Method provides the first effective solution to the problem of excessive drinking. It is a proven treatment that works. It progressively eliminates the craving and desire for alcohol using a patented treatment that is confidential. The Sinclair Method was developed in Helsinki, Finland and is now available in the United States. It is for people who are currently drinking but who want to significantly cut down or stop.


The Sinclair Method reduces the desire for alcohol drinking. It will not cause unpleasant side effects. It differs from traditional treatment because there is no detox and there is an 82% success rate. The Sinclair Method has been featured on national television programs and the Finnish version of Readers Digest. For a free confidential appointment and alcohol screening with our therapists, call today. Alcohol can be controlled ó if you use the Sinclair Method.

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Is your drinking out of control?