Neuro Assisted Recovery is a medically based outpatient alcohol treatment center. A non 12 step private agency specializing in detox and treatment of alcohol addiction. We use FDA approved medications to reduce cravings combined with therapy provided by professionals on the forefront of modern addiction treatments.


Our outpatient program:   $3800.00

This 20 week program is for clients living in the Sarasota, Florida area who can come to our offices to work individually with a licensed therapist. Sessions are not 12 step based but utilize cognitive-behavioral therapy and cognitive restructuring methods. You learn how to adjust to life without the use of alcohol. Program includes medical assessment, biopsychosocial assessment, development of a treatment plan, individual and on-line counseling, Sinclair Method workbooks and other materials, and prescriptions for naltrexone and other medications as medically indicated.


Our intensive outpatient program:   $3800.00

This 1 week program is for clients that do not live in the area but can come to Sarasota, Florida for a short period. You receive all the benefits of our regular program in a shorter time period.


Our e-book “Get Help Now Using the Sinclair Method & Naltrexone”

Downloadable for $29.95

This book directs you through detox and maintenance. This is for the “problem” drinker . One who wishes to reduce consumption of alcohol to a perceived acceptable level. The book is rich with educational materials and direction. For more information click here


“The Cure for Alcoholism Workbook”

$45.00 plus shipping

The companion book for “The Cure for Alcoholism” by Roy Eskapa, PhD and David Sinclair. Complete medication management and treatment protocol that allows you to work with your physician in your hometown to reduce or eliminate your alcohol use. For more information click here


What do to if your doctor will not prescribe Naltrexone

A downloadable letter to your doctor for only $10.00

A letter which details in specific, clear language exactly what the treatment protocols are, what medications are used, and what strength and dosage, and what the expected outcome should be. For more information click here.


Our comprehensive program:   $300.00 (free shipping within the US)

For those who can not attend our program, we have put together all the information, references and protocols we use in our program, plus the Cure of Alcoholism Workbook and Letter to your doctor, so you may use your own family doctor and therapist. To Order now click here


Our approach to alcohol treatment